WORSHIP WEDNESDAY | "Steady Heart" and "The Goodness of Jesus"

On Worship Wednesdays, our McBIC worship ministry leaders will be posting worship songs, audio files, or other worship-related material that we hope will minister to you. I have asked Jay and Chelsie to post this first one.

While we affirm, teach, believe, and know that worship (defined) goes way beyond just singing, we also believe that singing songs takes us into healthier places in our mind and our emotions.  Specific songs even remind us of God’s faithfulness and presence through clearly identifiable past events and seasons in our lives. God used those songs to bring healing and wholeness. Worship songs can help reset the direction and pathway of our thinking and feeling in tough circumstances! I hope you will find Jay and Chelsie’s gift as a way of doing that.

Peace and blessings to you in the middle of this week!

Dave Hershberger, Worship Pastor

"Amidst the unknown, the only answer for peace is trusting in the Lord. Jesus in me is the 'Steady Heart,' steady love, steady grace, and steady faith that leads me on through any and all things big or small, which is why we also chose 'The Goodness of Jesus.' He is truly all we need. During this time may these truths sink deeper than a mere thought, so that we may experience true life." - Chelsie Moss
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