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Updated: Mar 26, 2020

With schools closed and most people working from home, we have some extra time that we can spend listening to music, podcasts, and audio books. Below are some staff picks that you can incorporate into your day as you establish new daily rhythms of worship and learning!

A couple weeks ago, I was selecting songs to lead during worship at our women's retreat. Though the retreat will have to wait for another day, the songs we planned to sing invite us to declare God's goodness, faithfulness, and victory over death in this season. - Cindy

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These songs help bring peace and truth to my heart when uncertain and chaotic circumstances want to trick me into thinking God is far from me. They remind me that God has not left my side and that he calms the waves with the utterance of one word: "peace." - Molly

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This week I have needed some fun—some joy. Rend Collective is from Northern Ireland with a desire to be known as a celebration band. So get up, dance, and praise Him like fireworks! – Jen

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More and more, culture values and idolizes business, maximum workflow, and efficiency. This podcast gracefully challenges its listener to slow down, rest in the peace of Jesus, and find his or her identity not in success but in being a child of God. Let’s not miss Jesus in the name of productivity! - Evan

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What worship music, podcasts, or audiobooks are meaningful to you in this season? Share with us on the McBIC Worship Facebook group!

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