A Small Understanding - Pastor Hersh

In response to the racial injustice in our country, McBIC staff will be posting weekly devotionals to share about their journey toward becoming anti-racist and hopefully encourage you in your efforts. We will be sharing these videos every Friday.

There are several great resources from Equal Justice Initiative (EJI - www.eji.org), but to keep it simple and focused, here are three resources Pastor Hersh highly recommends: 

  1. The movie or the book “Just Mercy” – I’d recommend the movie for starters. You can watch the movie trailer on YouTube.

  2. “The Sun Does Shine,” a book that tells the story of Anthony Ray Hinton. At age 29, Mr. Hinton was unmistakably wrongfully accused of murder, sentenced to prison, and then to death row. Thirty years of his life was lived in this way. Bryan Stephenson was the key to Mr. Hinton’s release. He was finally released on April 3, 2015—only 5 years ago—now again living a free man in Alabama. 

  3. EJI has four informative books in their shop for only $2 each. They are like a history review, more or less like bringing a museum to your eyes. They can be found on the EJI online shop, and I also have copies to share if you would like to use mine.

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