Welcome to McBIC Daily!

In response to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak throughout our nation and the world, McBIC will not be meeting in person for Sunday services and other ministries for the next several weeks. This provides us with the opportunity to think creatively about what church can look like in our homes outside of Sunday mornings. Until we can gather together again, McBIC Daily will serve as a resource to help us all develop daily rhythms of worship, prayer, and intimacy with God during this unusual season. Monday through Friday, you will find a new video devotion or worship song posted to the blog on this site (the most recent posts will be highlighted here on the home page). Sundays, which tended to be busy, event-filled days, now give us the space to practice true Sabbath—a day of rest and worship.

We also invite you to engage with each other and explore new ways to live in community. Visit the forum on this site to share reflections, prayer requests, and offer assistance to those in need. Below you'll find additional information about how to continue connecting with McBIC's ministries. 



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